“I cannot praise Sue Bell highly enough. I have gone from a disillusioned and frustrated person, to empowered and enthusiastic. Sue truly personalises the sessions to what best suits the individual, explores different strategies with empathy and supportive guidance. She is patient and inspiring, very generous with her time, support and resources. She navigates emotionally challenging sessions with warmth and understanding and combines fun into sessions. I believe the sessions were described as 'coping with...' Anxiety/Dyspraxia. I would suggest a more positive title as the sessions really help a person to 'working with...' or even 'thriving with...' anxiety etc.”

“Throughout my time with Sue, of around 8 months, I passed an exam that at one time I would have shied away from, and by the end, got a promotion and moved jobs. I would recommend Sue and her service to anybody.”

“The experience was very user-friendly, clear and really suited for my needs. I learnt that I am not alone and I can do my work in an effective way. I also feel it has given me my confidence back. I can also use the things I have learnt in and outside of work. Sue was amazing and she made me feel good about myself and that what I have is talent rather than a downfall.”

“Many thanks to Sue – this coaching has been an epiphany for me of various things in my life and therefore a great help. She has been very professional and understanding of my condition. Once again, many thanks. In the long term I'm sure the coaching has helped me. Not only in putting any reasonable adjustments in place for work, but also giving me an awareness of my dyslexia and how this has affected me throughout my life. Making sense of it all is the biggest thing I have got from the sessions and I will go on to keep processing this and having a greater understanding of this condition.”

“It was very informal and confidential coaching from an expert with good knowledge in this field. Sue starts by gaining a knowledge of what you do and have to deal with in the workplace environment. Various examples are given of other people with similar disabilities. Sue gives examples of various coping strategies and encourages the user to consider various options to help with their disability.”

“I now have awareness that there are many other people that also have a similar condition. Though no two cases are the same, there are some common problems and also solutions that are possible. This makes the coachee feel less isolated and that there are others out there with the same condition, sometimes in small community groups. As well as making life difficult in some areas, dyslexia can also be strength, as it gives you extra skills for tasks that others don’t find easy. Talking about all of this also helps a great deal. Having the report at the end of the sessions also helps so that reasonable adjustments can be put in place to help when facing issues in the workplace so life is easier for the coachee and his colleagues.”

“I found the whole process was planned out and detailed – through this I was able to understand strengths and areas where I struggle, better helping me to gain confidence in the coping strategies which work for me and embed them in my practices and to identify which strategies have become redundant. I now have a much greater understanding of my conditions and the interaction between both my physical health issues and my learning difficulty. I found the whole experience extremely helpful. Thank you for all your help it has made a big difference and if there is ever anything I can do to help others dealing with similar difficulties just let me know.”

“Participation in this course enabled me (in terms of my Dyslexia) to have a better understanding of myself and what fits for me and how to cope in what would have previously been difficult situations, I now feel more confidence to be open about a subject that I often found difficult to accept. Sue had a wonderful style of engaging and supporting. Some of the tools used were really insightful in regards to other people’s experience/ journey of dyslexia.”

“Having workplace coaching with Sue was like seeing the world for the first time and accepting that we are all perfectly flawed.”

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